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booking an appointment

I tattoo out of Nice Try Tattoo, located in Brooklyn, NY. I usually open my books for new appointments on a monthly basis, if you are interested in booking an appointment with me, please subscribe to my newsletter. You will get an email the next time I open my books that will include a jotform link to request an appointment in the upcoming month. 

flash tattoos

I mainly tattoo flash designs, which means that I have a book of pre-designed pieces that you can look through and choose from on the day of your appointment. I am pretty flexible about editing designs a bit and I can usually change color and size. All designs in the book are repeatable and I am frequently taking things out and adding new designs. 

My minimum is currently $250 and I typically price by the piece, most flash pieces in my book are $250-500. I can do multiple flash tattoos in a session if time allows, and you can book a longer appointment if you would like to get 3+ pieces in a session. 

I do not allow my designs to be tattooed by another artist.

larger pieces

I have some larger pre-designed pieces available, you can look through them here. These are typically multi-session projects.  If you would like to get one of these pieces or something similar tattooed please email me at or fill out my jotform in my newsletter.

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